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Elevate your small business website security and customer trust with our range of SSL certificates. 

Our SSL certificates include:

Closed padlock and "https" in the browser address bar
Customer data breach warranty
Domain validation
256-bit data encryption
Data protection from hackers and cyber crime

Choose your security shield

Positive SSL

Ideal for small businesses

Positive SSL provides basic encryption for websites handling moderate customer information. It’s a budget-friendly way to secure your site and build customer trust.


Best for expanding businesses

DV SSL offers a higher security level with domain validation. Ensure your growing digital operations are well-protected and customer data is safely encrypted.


Highest security level

EV SSL provides extensive validation. This premium choice is essential for e-commerce websites, ensuring the utmost safety and customer confidence.

SSL certificates: Essential for online business

An SSL certificate can be the difference between your website ranking organically on the first page instead of the 10th. Here’s how SSL certificates will benefit you:

Guard your website integrity by encrypting sensitive data
Protect your site's credibility by removing "Not Secure" from your browser address bar
Improve your site's visibility on search engines that will devalue your website in organic rankings for being unsecure
Rank higher on Google and other search engines with secure website domain
Protect against hackers and cyber threats
Enjoy peace of mind with data breach warranty
Make it easier for potential customers to find you
Establish trust with customers by becoming "Secure"
Allows safer browsing on WiFi and public networks
Enhanced website credibility and SEO lead to increased visitor traffic and sales
Applicable to any website

Positive SSL vs. DV SSL vs. EV SSL

Good — Positive SSL

This certificate provides basic encryption and validation for your domain. It’s a quick, cost-effective solution, ideal for small websites and startups focusing on essential security.

Better — DV SSL

Domain Validation SSL offers a higher security level than Positive SSL. It validates the domain’s ownership, making it suitable for businesses experiencing growth and handling more sensitive customer data.

Best — EV SSL

This certificate is the top-tier option for securing your website and customer data. It involves a thorough validation process, offering the highest level of trust and security, particularly beneficial for large businesses and e-commerce.

Static true site seal
Customer data breach warranty$10K$250K$1.75M
Domain vailidaiton
Fully extended organization validation
Green browser address bar

Exclusive web hosting

When you choose EarthLink Business for your website design needs, you also gain access to our premier SSL certificate hosting services.

Why choose our SSL security?

Seamless integration

Whether you opt for a custom DIY design or work with our expert team of designers, we ensure your website is secure with top-notch SSL encryption.

Expert support

Our dedicated team is available to assist you with any SSL or website design queries, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted service.

One-stop solution

We offer a holistic approach to your digital presence, from website design to digital marketing to robust security solutions, all under one roof.

Frequently asked questions

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates a website and enables an encrypted connection. It’s essential for securing data transfer, credit card transactions, and login information on a website.

An SSL certificate ensures that any data transmitted between web servers and browsers remains private and integral, safeguarding against unauthorized access or data breaches. It’s a crucial element for building trust with customers, indicating that the site is secure and reliable.

A website is marked “not secure” without an SSL certificate. SSL encrypts data, turning your site into a haven for users. If your website has been deemed “not secure” by Google or another search engine, you’ll want to get an SSL certificate as soon as possible!

SSL errors often occur due to misconfiguration or expired certificates. Regular updates and correct installation are key to preventing these issues. EarthLink Business will automatically renew your certificates each year to ensure there’s never a lapse in your protection! Set it and forget it.

Choosing the right SSL certificate depends on your business needs. Our Positive SSL is ideal for small businesses or startups that require basic encryption for their website. It’s an affordable option for securing moderate customer data and transactions.

For businesses handling more sensitive information, consider our DV SSL or EV SSL for higher levels of security and validation.

Have questions? Our team is always available to assist you in selecting the most suitable SSL certificate for your business. Call 844-356-5249 today and we’ll help find the right certificate for you!

A Positive SSL certificate is a type of Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate, offering a basic level of security ideal for small websites and businesses. It validates the ownership of the domain, ensuring secure communication between the server and the user.

This certificate is quickly issued, often within minutes, and provides essential encryption for websites handling moderate customer information. Positive SSL is a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to establish initial trust and security online.

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