Design your own mobile-friendly website

Explore the ease and simplicity of DIY websites as you enhance your business’s digital footprint – no coding skills required. 

Excel with DIY design

We don’t just offer a website builder — we provide a comprehensive solution that caters to your business needs while prioritizing simplicity, security, and support.

SEO-Friendly Templates

Templates designed with search engine optimization in mind, bringing your site to the top of searches.

Fast Page Load Times

Your website visitors can't wait. We ensure fast page speeds and load times for a seamless experience.

Website Security

We prioritize your security. Rest assured knowing that your site is protected and hosted securely.

Universally Compatible Design

Your site looks great and functions perfectly on all devices.

Customer Support

Whether you need technical help or have a query, we're here for you.

No coding experience? No problem

Our do-it-yourself website builder lets you choose, customize, and launch your professional site without any technical hassles in no-time flat. 

Choose: Save time with our diverse selection of professional website templates designed for various industries.


Customize: Use our intuitive drag-and-drop editor to add unique touches to your website.


Publish: Your website is now live, ready to connect and engage with your audience faster than ever.


Easy DIY website features

Whether you’re an established business owner or a one-person show, our custom-built websites are the perfect way to start promoting your business online. 


  • Dozens of templates
  • Customized pages and layouts
  • Self-guided interface
  • Optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet
  • Data analytics
  • Responsive design
  • DIY editing, building, and content creation

Integrated Features

  • SEO-friendly
  • Contact forms and customer surveys
  • Sitemap
  • Local presence builder, including: 
    • Google Map
    • Open hours
    • Cookie disclaimer
    • Appointment scheduler 
    • More
  • WordPress Blog installer

Web Hosting and More

  • Website storage
  • Web transfer limit
  • Shared SSL certificate
  • Email accounts
  • Custom domain
  • FTP Accounts
  • Windows Services
  • Microsoft® SQL

Show off your creative flair

Every business is unique, and your website should reflect this. With EarthLink Business’s easy DIY website builder, you can showcase your creativity and individuality to the world.

Our intuitive drag-and-drop editor gives you the freedom to add a personal touch to every corner of your website.  Start building and creating a website your customers will love and you’ll be proud of.

Don't settle for a "free" website

Sure, “free” website options may seem attractive, but they come with strings attached — generic designs, limited functionalities, and unwanted ads. 

Our easy website builder provides a professional, feature-rich, and ad-free website that truly mirrors your unique business identity. 

Find Your Custom web package

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer three comprehensive packages tailored to meet your individual needs.

Website Plus

Ideal for digital newcomers at $13.47/month initially, then $31.95 monthly. Features:

Business Website Plus

For growing ventures, priced at $18.47/month initially, then $41.95 monthly. Includes:

eComm Website Plus

For eCommerce businesses at $42.47/month initially, then $84.95 monthly. Offers:

EarthLink DIY PackageWebsite PlusBusiness Website PluseCommerce Website Plus
Monthly rate for the first 90 days*$13.47$18.47$42.47
Monthly rate after the first 90 days*$31.95$41.95$84.95
RAID Web Storage200 GB300 GB500 GB
Web Transfer Limit2,000 GB3,000 GB5,000 GB
Email Accounts per package1002001,000
Email Storage per Email Account3 GB3 GB3 GB
Attachment Limit25 MB25 MB25 MB
Online Presence Builder
WebPoints Included to Activate Premium Add-ons Within Online Presence Builder:25200
Daily Deals – 5 Web PointsPurchase Web PointsCould be activated with Web Points includedCould be activated with Web Points included
Gift Certificates – 5 Web PointsPurchase Web PointsCould be activated with Web Points includedCould be activated with Web Points included
Appointment Scheduler – 1-Staff – 25 Web PointsPurchase Web PointsCould be activated with Web Points includedCould be activated with Web Points included
Appointment Scheduler – Unlimited Staff – 100 Web PointsPurchase Web PointsPurchase Web PointsCould be activated with Web Points included
Sell 12 Products – 25 Web PointsPurchase Web PointsCould be activated with Web Points includedCould be activated with Web Points included
Sell 100 Products – 100 Web PointsPurchase Web PointsPurchase Web PointsCould be activated with Web Points included
Sell 1,000 Products – 200 Web PointsPurchase Web PointsPurchase Web PointsCould be activated with Web Points included
Sell Unlimited Products – 400 Web PointsPurchase Web PointsPurchase Web PointsPurchase Web Points
Announcer Pro (unlimited emails – XX contacts in DB) DIY150250500
Custom Error pages
Joomla – Content Management – (Installer)
WordPress – Blog – (Installer)
Directory Listing Submission to 13 North American Based Directories
Domain Names Supported111
FTP AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Microsoft® SQLAdditional Fee1 @ 100MB2 @ 200MB
Access to Log Files
CGI Scripting
Cron Support
DNS Manager
Domain Manager
File Manager Pro
FTP Manager
Log Manager
Microsoft® Access
MS SQL Manager
MySQL Manager
PHP MyAdmin
Shared SSL Certificate
SSL Manager
Website Security
Windows Services Manager

Frequently asked questions

A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Do-It-For-Yourself (DIFY) website is one that you build yourself, using a website builder like the one offered by EarthLink Business. This gives you the control and freedom to establish your brand’s online presence in the timeline that works best for you.

In the digital era, a website serves as the backbone of your business’s online presence. It increases your visibility, credibility, and reach. It’s also a platform where potential customers can learn about your services or products, make purchases, and get in touch with you.

With EarthLink Business, you can create a website easily using our DIY website builder. You choose a template, customize it with our drag-and-drop editor, and publish it—no coding skills required.

Yes, EarthLink Business provides a shared SSL certificate with all three of our DIY web design packages, ensuring secure data transmission for your website.

With our eComm Website Plus package, you have unlimited product listings and catalog management. Setting up an online store is as easy as choosing a template, adding your products, and setting up payment and delivery methods.

Yes, beyond our DIY solutions, EarthLink Business also offers professional website design services where our expert team will create and develop your website for you.

EarthLink Business offers constant technical support to assist you with any queries or technical issues you may encounter once your website is live.

Yes, our website templates are SEO-friendly and we offer analytics tools to help you optimize your website for search engines, improving your online visibility. Looking for more SEO support? Check out our SEO Success Coach for better rankings today!

Absolutely. All EarthLink Business websites are responsive, meaning they’re optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Yes, EarthLink Business allows you to connect your social media accounts with your website, enhancing your digital presence and making it easier for visitors to connect with you.

Our packages include analytics tools, allowing you to monitor your website’s performance and gain insights into visitor behavior, engagement, and more.

DIY website design gives you the control to build and customize your website, usually using a simple drag-and-drop editor. Professional website design, on the other hand, involves a team of experts designing and developing your website, which can offer more complex and tailored solutions. EarthLink Business offers both DIY and professional website design services to suit your needs.

Upgrade to full-service, professional website design

While we stand by the simplicity of our DIY website builder, we understand that sometimes you might want a little extra help. Or, like most business owners, you’re juggling enough plates. That’s where our Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) services come in. 

Choose from one of three plans for a professionally designed website that will drive lead generation, sales, and customer engagement.

Jumpstart your business

Ready to launch your business into the digital sphere with your self-designed website design? 

EarthLink Business is here to make your digital journey easy and enjoyable.