Fixed Wireless Technology

Always stay connected

Fixed wireless internet is a powerful technology that provides dedicated high-speed internet connection wirelessly.

Why Choose fixed wireless?


Our fixed wireless internet service level agreement promises 99.999% uptime.


Fixed wireless allows for scalable speeds without the need for new hardware.

Rapid deployment

Installation can take as little as 7 to 14 days.


Fixed wireless can go where other services can’t. We can set up solely based on GPS coordinates.

Get a fixed wireless connection fast

Free quote: Get a free quote from our team based on your location and requested speeds.


Site Survey: Our team will conduct a site survey to ensure line of sight from our PoP to your business.


Install: Our team will come out and install our fixed wireless to your rooftop with non-penetrating mounts.


Connect: Connect your devices and run your business.


Explore Our Nationwide Fixed Wireless Markets

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The Backup Internet Solution:

  • High-Speed Connection: Dedicated wireless internet with symmetrical speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gigs.
  • Not Mobile Internet: Unlike mobile internet, fixed wireless offers greater speed and reliability.
  • Dedicated Connection: Enjoy uninterrupted service without sharing speeds with neighbors.
  • Line of Sight Technology: Utilizes direct communication from our Point of Presence (PoP) to your business.
  • Advantage Over Wired: Unlike fiber or cable, no extensive setup or vulnerability to infrastructure disruptions.
  • Faster Setup: Avoid the long, complicated installation process typical of traditional wired connections.

Find a solution tailored to your unique business needs

Fixed Wireless technology is flexible, allowing it to service businesses of all sizes in many industries. No matter the organization’s purpose, fixed wireless internet is adaptable and reliable. 

Scalable speeds for many use cases

Temporary Internet Service:
Temporary internet service can help events like concerts, festivals, and productions run smoothly. Fixed wireless helps organizers run ticketing and behind-the-scenes work to point-of-sale machines, attendee WiFi, and uploading.

Construction Jobsites:
Jobsites are a fluid environment requiring an internet solution that can be dynamic. A fixed wireless connection can move alongside your office trailer. Many construction sites don’t have an official USPS address, making them non-serviceable for many traditional carriers but perfect for fixed wireless.

The healthcare industry needs a reliable internet connection 24/7. Without it, accessing and sharing patient records can be harder, if not impossible. Fixed wireless internet can work as a primary or backup internet connection for hospitals and other medical facilities. 

Hotels & Hospitality:
Hotels need a reliable and scalable internet solution. Their internet needs depend on factors like how busy they are, and whether or not they are hosting a conference. Fixed wireless has scalable speeds that don’t require extra equipment. All you need to do is call to upgrade your speeds.

Backup internet for business

Having an internet backup for your business makes sure you have internet redundancy keeping you connected 24/7. A redundant internet connection makes sure that you don’t miss out on business opportunities. 

Many businesses and organizations can’t function properly without internet access. Without redundant internet access for your business, you could be waiting days or weeks for your internet to come back on.

Of all the available backup internet options for your business, fixed wireless is the most reliable. 

A backup internet connection for businesses can ensure you stay online 24/7 without interruption. 

Fixed wireless has many qualities that make it an ideal backup internet service for business. Fixed wireless is easy to set up with installation happening in as little as two weeks. It also supplies scalable symmetrical internet options. This means your backup can have the same speed as your primary service without an equipment update.

Your New Fixed Wireless Internet Provider

EarthLink Business operates with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with guaranteed 99.999% uptime for our customers.

Get better service with a dedicated account manager who assists your team from sign-up to installation and 24/7 customer support with a real person, every time.

Frequently asked questions

No. Fixed wireless is a distinct internet technology that relies on line of sight. Cellular relies on 4G networks to provide service

We engineer our fixed wireless internet to work in a variety of weather conditions. 

We’re able to offer customers speeds up to 10 Gig with our fixed wireless internet.