Top 22 AI Tools for Small Business Marketing

In the fast-paced small business landscape, time is a precious resource. Now that Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of major innovations around the world, business owners and entrepreneurs are discovering how AI tools can save time, money, and boost productivity.  

To help you save that precious resource, we’ve handpicked the best AI tools that will help you automate tasks, optimize marketing strategies, and enhance customer interactions. 

Join us as we explore how Artificial Intelligence Tools can revolutionize your marketing efforts and set your small business on the path to success. Additionally, we’ll address some frequently asked questions about using AI tools in small businesses. 

Let’s unlock the potential of AI together and streamline your way to growth! 

Copy Generating AI Tools

1. Jasper

homepage of Jasper AI tool showing it's range of SEO templates, with the template "long firm assistant" highlighted
Photo courtesy of Niche Pursuits

Top Features:

  • Generates copy specifically tailored to SEO
  • Centered around creating plagiarism-free copy
  • Can create content in more than 25 languages

Jasper is a marketing-centered AI writing tool created specifically for businesses. This tool considers SEO for your small business marketing, separating it from other copywriting tools. You can also teach Jasper AI about your company and tone of voice to keep things on brand.

Pricing: The pricing for the service starts at $39/month for individuals, $99/month for small teams, and varies for larger businesses.

Benefit: Develop relevant content that draws in new customers.

Shortcoming: Complexity. Implementing Jasper AI may require a certain level of technical expertise, potentially posing difficulties for non-tech-savvy users.

Keep in mind: Copy generators may not always be accurate. Therefore, it is important to double-check any content created by an AI writing software before sharing it.

2. ChatGPT (Free)

Top Features:

  • Can generate any kind of written content and research topics
  • Highly interactive and can make requested adjustments to copy generated
  • Excels in various functions beyond generating copy, including creating posting schedules, brainstorming ideas, and devising campaign strategies

ChatGPT is a popular AI written copy generator that can be used for pretty much anything. This AI tool stands out because it can remember feedback and conversation history, eliminating the need to repeat the same prompt for changes repeatedly.

Benefit: ChatGBT talks like a real person, understands what you mean, and gets better at helping you over time.

Shortcoming: Known to provide inaccurate information from time to time if a request is too specific. Be sure to fact check any information generated by ChatGPT prior to posting.

Pricing: Free to all users, but limited to a certain number of prompts each day. Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus for $20/month.

3. Grammarly (Free)

Top Features:

  • A Chrome extension that automatically checks the grammar of anything you’re writing
  • Detects tone of voice and formality of written material
  • Built-in extensions for Gmail and Microsoft Word

Grammarly is a platform and extension that checks your grammar while you write, ensuring you send out well-written content. The built-in Chrome and Word extensions seamlessly integrate; you won’t have to remember to check your emails before sending them.

Pricing: The base version of Grammarly is free to all users, but there is a premium version available starting at $12/month. Grammarly also offers business bundles with prices varying based on the number of employees.

Benefit: Advanced writing support. Offers real-time suggestions and corrections to enhance writing quality, grammar, and punctuation.

Shortcoming: May not grasp the full context of your text, leading to occasional incorrect suggestions or missing nuanced errors.

4. MarketMuse

Top Features:

  • Personalized insights into how your content is doing online
  • Group content in “clusters” to increase your authority when it comes to SEO
  • Comprehensive competitive analysis
  • Uses content-brief to create a blueprint for new articles and copy for your website
MarketMuse is an AI content planning and generation platform centered around SEO research. The key difference between MarketMuse and other AI copywriting software is that it works well as a “copywriting assistant,” instead of just automatically generating content. Pricing: Starts at $149/month for a standard membership, with prices increasing to $399/month for a small team and custom pricing for larger businesses. Benefit: Analyzes content to provide data-driven insights, enabling users to optimize their content for higher search engine rankings. Shortcoming: Learning curve of tool and overall cost.

Social Media AI Tools


Top Features:

  • Social media management app that combines popular apps into one easy-to-manage platform 
  • Launch & monitor ad campaigns across multiple platforms at once with highly detailed AI insights 
  • Create new content through their graphic design feature is an AI marketing tool that creates a “one-stop-shop” for posting on social media. Post on multiple platforms at once, manage ad campaigns and use AI to gain insights on how your posts are doing.

Pricing: Pricing is not listed on’s website, but you can sign up for a demo/consultation to get a quote.

Benefits: Automation of ad campaigns and creative creation, and advanced targeting.

Shortcoming: Learning curve for full functionality of all features.

6. Ocoya

Top Features:

  • Social media post creation and scheduling
  • Allows you to customize graphics for your business
  • AI caption and hashtag-generating tool

Ocoya is a one-stop shop where you can create posts, write captions, find hashtags, schedule, and A|B test your post in one platform. Most large social media platforms have partnerships with Ocoya, enabling direct uploading of content to your connected accounts.

Pricing: Starts at $15/month (when billed annually) for one user and increases depending on the number of accounts and users you need to monitor (with a maximum price of $159/month).

Benefit: Streamline all things social and save resources.

Shortcoming: Some features still being developed, impeding full functionality.

7. Flick

Top Features:

  • AI caption-generating tool for social media
  • Generates ideas for content marketing on social media
  • Also houses post-creation and scheduling tools

Flick is an AI tool created for social media management and content marketing. The main feature that Flick is known for is its caption generator which creates highly tailored social media captions for any campaign. This AI tool is available in a mobile app, providing users with the flexibility to access them while on the go.

Pricing: As Flick is a British-founded company, all prices are listed in pounds (£). A starter account is £11/month (billed annually) going up to £55/month for a larger

Benefit: Improve marketing results on social with personalized content suggestions.

Shortcoming: Assets must be uploaded via desktop, not supported on mobile app yet.

SEO Management AI Tools

8. Surfer SEO

Top Features:

  • AI content writing assistant helps to monitor SEO while you’re writing
  • Creates content ideas at the click of a button based on competitors
  • Keeps content sounding natural while adding in high-SEO keywords

Surfer SEO is a writing platform that uses AI to increase SEO within pieces of content you’re writing for your website/blog. With features that detect tone of voice, recognize plagiarism, and recommend keywords, Surfer SEO makes it much easier to write web content that search engines will prioritize on result pages.

Pricing: Starts at $69/month for individuals and increases based on company needs. With large companies, Surfer SEO does custom pricing.

Benefit: Data-driven SEO optimization recommendations to improve marketing strategy and web content ideas.

Shortcoming: SEO is nuanced and this tool doesn’t support the full range of activities to truly optimize website SEO.


Top Features:

  • Creates content briefs based on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) analysis and competitor research
  • Uses briefs to generate a step-by-step outline in seconds
  • Collaborative writing platform where you can work with others on a post at the same time is an interactive content writing platform centered around SEO and SERP analysis. Created with teams in mind, you can come up with new content ideas, generate outlines, and work collaboratively on pieces in the same place.

Pricing: Ranges from $14.99/month to $114.99/month depending on the size of your team and add-ons (like unlimited AI help) are available for purchase.

Benefit: Data-driven SEO optimization recommendations to improve marketing strategy and web content ideas.

Shortcoming: SEO is nuanced and this tool doesn’t implement the supporting the full range of activities to truly optimize website SEO.

Photo/Video AI Tools

10. Pictory

Top Features:

  • Enables you to import articles/scripts and it will generate engaging videos using stock footage or AI-generated visuals
  • Transform long-form videos (like webinars or Zoom calls) into short-form sharable content
  • Create highly branded video content for social media and email marketing

Pictory is an AI video generator designed for small businesses. With their AI software, it’s extremely easy to create short-form sharable social media content from scratch, or from a long-form video (like a zoom call or a webinar).

Pricing: Pictory’s pricing ranges from $19/month to $99/month, depending on the amount of footage and number of users needed.

Benefits: No designer on the team, no problem. Input you content and the AI tool generate visuals for you.

Shortcoming: Customization of the visuals created is limited.

11. Dall-E 2

Top Features:

  • Creates images and art based on a user-input description
  • Can expand upon already existing images
  • Is able to edit pre-existing images based on input

Dall-E 2 is an AI image generator that can create realistic images and art based on whatever description is provided. This platform is ideal for small businesses because you can use it to create mock-ups for social media, web content, and so much more.

Pricing: Dall-E 2 manages pricing through credits (so a generated image is one credit). You can purchase credits starting at $15 for 115 credits.

Benefits: Impress your customers and site visitors with immersive visuals.

Shortcoming: More complex than some tools to get the desired outcome.

12. Speechify (Free)

Top Features:

  • Creates realistic text-to-speech recordings that enhance any reading experience, making it easier to remember and easier to understand
  • Extremely helpful for those with learning difficulties, like dyslexia
  • Used to create voiceovers for sharable videos.

Speechify allows you to breeze through any written content sent your way, whether it’s memos, emails, meeting briefs, etc. They offer a diverse selection of voice options, perfect for creating voiceovers for all your small business’s video content needs

Pricing: Varies. Pricing for text-to-speech has a free option, with limited voices and speeds, or a premium option for $11.58/month. Pricing for sharable voiceovers has a free trial, a professional subscription (with commercial usage rights) for $59/month, and an enterprise subscription that is custom to your small business.

Benefits: Makes your written content more accessible and versatile, for both customer facing and internal trainings.

Shortcoming: Professional subscription required to use the custom voiceover tool for commercial rights when creating voiceovers for shared public content.

13. PhotoRoom (Free)

Top Features:

  • Removes backgrounds from photos with the click of a button
  • Uses AI to generate a new background
  • A batch photo editor that lets you edit hundreds of photos in seconds

PhotoRoom is an AI photo editor that creates professional photos instantly with tools like their background eraser and generator. This platform would work really well for e-commerce shops to create great-looking listings for products.

Pricing: PhotoRoom is free to use with certain features and has an upgradable access option starting at $9.99/person/month.

Benefits: Create dynamic product imagery in a click of a button with this AI marketing tool.

Shortcoming: AI-generated images are still a work in progress, some outputs may exhibit distortions and unexpected additions.

Organizational AI Tools

14. Feathery (Free)

Top Features:

  • Creates visually appealing forms in seconds using AI
  • Allows for edits to be made to AI generated forms to truly customize them to your small business
  • Compatible with several top apps, including HubSpot, Stripe, Shopify, MailChimp, and more

Feathery is a form-building website that simplifies the process of creating visually appealing forms for your customers. While initially designed for “drag-and-drop” form creation, they have now introduced an AI form generator. You can simply type out the form you need, and it will generate it for you.

Pricing: Feathery is free to all users, but small businesses can upgrade to premium plans, starting at $49/month.

Benefit: Easily create forms that convert more sales. Flexible integrations with current marketing tools.

Shortcoming: Not for basic form build, advanced features have a bit of a learning curve.

15. Intercom

Top Features:

  • AI customer service bot to address customer queries at any hour
  • Tickets customer requests and complaints for easy organization
  • Helps to craft polite responses to customer queries

Intercom is a customer service management platform that facilitates direct communication with your customers. With its AI capabilities, Intercom can generate responses to customer questions, saving time and effort.

Pricing: Starts at $74/month for a starter subscription. Pro and premium subscriptions are quoted individually based on need.

Benefit: . Enables your business to automate customer service replies, communicating when your team can’t.

Shortcoming: Users report initial set-up can be complicated, with limited customizations. Utilizing all features requires upgraded plans.

16. CrystalKnows (Free)

Top Features:

  • Uses AI and data to provide personalized recommendations for how to communicate effectively with potential clients
  • Analyzes emails you’re about to send and makes suggestions based on what it knows about the recipient
  • Collects data from LinkedIn, Facebook, and other online sources to create unique profiles.

CrystalKnows is an AI tool that offers personality insights prior to meetings, calls, and emails. By analyzing data, it can predict what methods of communication are most effective for building relationships and conversions.

Pricing: CrystalKnows is free to use. If you want to increase the number of personality profiles you can keep, you can upgrade to the premium plan for $49/month, or to the business plan (which is quoted individually).

Benefit: Get insights into prospects and implement personality assessments to get a perfect hire culturally.

Shortcoming: Humans are diverse, relying on public data can lead to inaccurate assumptions.

17. StoryDoc

Top Features:

  • AI presentation building, where you can input your information and it will generate your presentation
  • A wide range of presentation templates available
  • Features a built-in AI content generator and writing assistant

StoryDoc is a presentation building platform where you can create interactive presentations instantly. With seamless AI integration, you can build a great presentation in minutes.

Pricing: Starts at $30/month for a base subscription. They have an upgraded professional option for $45/month, and a team plan with varying prices depending on your quote.

Benefit: AI Marketing tool to drive more sales by creating presentations that will “wow” your target audience.

Shortcoming: Lacks common CRM integrations to make deployment more manual of a process.

18. Otter AI (Free)

Top Features:

  • Joins and transcribes meetings automatically
  • Organizes meeting transcripts based on topics and pulls key ideas
  • AI content generator answers questions about meetings

OtterAI is a transcription AI tool that breaks down meeting topics, organizes ideas from meetings, and answers questions about the meeting. A great benefit of OtterAI is that it joins meetings automatically, so you don’t have to set it up prior to every online meeting.

Pricing: OtterAI is free to use, with upgradable options starting at $8/month.

Benefit: Cuts down time on transcribing important meetings and conferences for your team

Shortcoming: Does require some manual transcribing, as mistakes are common

Data Management AI Tools

19. Personalize - by human

Top Features:

  • Tracks customers’ interests and wants over time based on their digital footprint
  • Creates tailored marketing campaigns to target customers’ wants
  • Features a personalized email campaign tool, where you can target specific email messages to customers based on interests

Personalize, is a tailored marketing tool used to create campaigns based on customer interests. Created by a digital marketing agency, Personalize works with customers’ digital footprints to track their interests over time accurately.

Pricing: Starts at $69/month and increases up to $219/month (with options to upgrade even further for a custom rate).

Benefit: Boosts revenue and conversions by analyzing visitor data like time on page to understand customer interests.

Shortcoming: Implementing personalized campaigns can be time-consuming at first.

20. 6sense (Free)

Top Features:

  • Tracks customers in the buying process, determines which are most likely to make a conversion, and directs you toward them
  • Curates the “most relevant B2B dataset available”
  • Integrates seamlessly into popular platforms like HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365

6sense’s Revenue AI tool is designed to find and show you customers that are likely to make a conversion. By having more accurate information on potential customers, you’re able to use your marketing budget more effectively.

Pricing: 6sense is free to all users, with varying prices when you upgrade your subscription.

Benefit: AI-driven predictive sales and marketing insights.

Shortcoming: Integration complexity with existing systems and overall set-up requires some tech knowhow.

Email Marketing AI Tools


Top Features:

  • Can generate thousands of personalized emails within minutes using AI
  • Uses information from LinkedIn, previous blog posts written, recent work accomplishments, and more to create unique and effective email icebreakers
  • Works with sales emails, LinkedIn introductory messages, and cold emails is a platform that generates personalized email messages using a person’s online activity. These messages are designed to help build connections with new contacts.

Pricing: Ranges from $49/month to $299/month depending on usage.

Benefit: Personalization in email is now table stakes to most recipients. This tool uses data points collected from around the web to create those for you.

Shortcoming: Users report some trouble uploading contacts via CSV and lack of customer support.

22. Seventh Sense

Top Features:

  • Creates highly optimized and personalized emails
  • Determines the best time and frequency to send emails
  • Compatible with Marketo and HubSpot

Seventh Sense is an AI email composer created to break through the noise of the modern email inbox. AI and data optimization are used to find the best time and frequency for sending personalized emails to potential clients.

Pricing: Seventh Sense’s pricing varies depending on the email platform you use. Pricing for HubSpot starts at $64/month with custom prices for larger companies. Pricing for Marketo starts at $360 for 50,000 leads.

Benefit: Increased email open rates, plus this platform takes it a step further with integrations for campaign management.

Shortcoming: Robust and quick to respond customer support.

Table of Contents

In conclusion, incorporating AI tools into small business marketing strategies can yield numerous benefits. From video generation and content creation to customer service management and analytics, these AI tools provide valuable assistance to entrepreneurs.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, small businesses can optimize their marketing plans, engage customers, and achieve growth in today’s competitive online landscape.

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AI tools can benefit small businesses in marketing by automating tasks, enhancing customer engagement, improving efficiency, providing valuable insights, and generating personalized content. These AI marketing tools allow entrepreneurs to maximize their marketing efforts, optimize their content, and focus on strategic decision-making.

The cost of AI technology varies depending on the specific tool and its features. Some AI tools offer free versions, while others require a monthly subscription. Small businesses can choose tools that align with their budget and needs, and many offer cost-effective plans to accommodate different business sizes.

AI tools are designed to assist and enhance human creativity rather than replace it. While AI can generate content, it is essential to infuse it with human creativity and brand voice. Small business owners should view AI tools as valuable aids that can streamline processes, generate ideas, and improve productivity.

Yes, AI tools can be beneficial across various industries. The versatility of AI allows for customization and adaptation to different business requirements. Whether you’re in e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, or any other sector, there are AI tools available to support your marketing efforts.

Absolutely. AI tools like Intercom can significantly enhance customer service in small businesses. They offer features such as automated response bots, AI-generated customer service messages, and summarization of chat conversations. These capabilities enable efficient and effective customer support, improving overall satisfaction.