27 Ways Successful Small Businesses Use the Internet

Discover the power of internet marketing for small businesses with our in-depth guide. This article unveils 27 actionable strategies to boost your online presence, engage customers through social media, and leverage digital tools for growth. Essential reading for small business owners seeking to navigate and excel in the digital marketing landscape. Internet for small business […]

How to Improve Your Online Reputation with Customer Reviews

Managing your online reputation is critical for business success. The key lies in effectively handling customer reviews. From developing a structured response plan to seamlessly integrating positive feedback into your marketing strategies, this guide covers the crucial steps to enhance your online presence. Stay ahead by regularly updating your ORM tactics and fostering a feedback-positive culture. Discover how to turn reviews into a driving force for your business growth and customer loyalty.

Exploring the Best Internet Options for Business

Navigating the world of business internet can be a complex task, especially when faced with a plethora of options and technical jargon. To simplify this process, we’ve put together an updated overview of the most popular high-speed internet alternatives available today and the best internet options for business. This guide will help you understand the […]

Home vs. Business Internet: Which is Right for You?

home vs. business internet

Whether your workspace is a commercial building, a suite, a shop, or a home office, connectivity is a high priority for your business. As the lines blur between work and leisure, the demand for high-speed, reliable internet grows exponentially. At EarthLink Business, we understand the nuances of these diverse requirements. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by […]

How to Define Your Target Audience

Graphic: How to define your target audience

In the vast world of small business marketing, it can be tricky to determine where to start when planning your next small business marketing campaign. Defining your target audience is a crucial first step when it comes to planning your next marketing move. In this blog post, we’ll define target audience and examine why it’s […]

How to Choose a Social Media Platform as a Small Business

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Small Businesses?

Social Media is a great tool for reaching potential customers as a small business, but it can also seem intimidating. As a small business owner, you may have a lot of questions. “How often should I post? How do I promote my page? What do I post?” These are all valid questions, but there’s one […]

Top 22 AI Tools for Small Business Marketing

Top AI tools for small businesses

In the fast-paced small business landscape, time is a precious resource. Now that Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of major innovations around the world, business owners and entrepreneurs are discovering how AI tools can save time, money, and boost productivity.   To help you save that precious resource, we’ve handpicked the best AI tools that will help […]

Infographic: The Big Truth About Small Businesses and the Internet

Storefront icon

It’s no secret that online shopping is more popular than ever. But what might come as a shock is that small businesses (considered any company with fewer than 500 employees) account for nearly every business in the U.S. In fact, 3.7 million businesses are microbusinesses, which have just 1 to 9 employees! It’s not all […]

How to Attract More Interested Customers with an Accessible Website

Blog: How to Attract More Interested Customers with an Accessible Website

Making your business accessible goes beyond having doorframes that are wide enough and handicap parking spaces. You also need to build an accessible website, and it’s simpler than you might think. Get our top tips and learn why accessible websites benefit everyone — and could even bring more customers to your site. That’s what we […]

How to Design a Great Website for Your Small Business: for Beginners

Blog: How to Design a Great Website for Your Small Business: for Beginners

A website is a core component of small businesses. But not every small business owner knows how to code or build designs. Our tips and tricks will help you build a functional, professional website, even if you don’t have any experience. If you’re a small business owner — whether you manage other employees or you’re […]